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Kendra Cameron-Curry, a Hall of Fame professional bowler, kicked off her career as a five-time member of Team USA and won multiple titles during her time touring.  Her passion for the sport never wavered and she soon picked up coaching, working with Junior Team USA and the University of Central Florida’s collegiate bowling team. She’s currently a certified USBC Silver Level Coach and is pursuing Gold Coach status.  Now holding the title of Aloma Bowling Centers’ Regional Director of Bowling, Cameron-Curry will be responsible for fostering the relations of current league and tournament bowlers, establishing new leagues and tournaments, and providing opportunities for bowlers to advance their skills through coaching at each of Aloma Bowling Centers’ locations. 

Bowling has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. I began the sport when I was just four years old and knew by sixth grade I wanted to go pro,” said Cameron-Curry. “As Regional Director of Bowling, I’m looking forward to connecting with guests and passing along the same ‘I can’t get enough of bowling’ feeling I’ve had since I was a child.”

Kendra Cameron-Curry

80 state-of-the-art Brunswick lanes with a 48 side and a 32 side; allowing for flexibility in hosting events of all sizes.

The sheer size of the concourse makes us “THE” location for all types of tournaments. We can install our bleachers to allow spectators to enjoy the events and still have adequate space

Delicious Eats & Drinks onsite!

Meeting/Tournament office spaces available as well as equipment storage rooms.

Easy to get to and located near hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.

External Tournaments

• PBA National and Regional Tour Events • PWBA National and Regional Tournaments • FHSAA High School State Svents • TNBA Summer Events • USBC Local and State Championships

Internal events

• The Aloma Cup (3-Center Tournament) • Monthly Scratch Sweepers • Ladies Only(Charitable) Event • Mixed Doubles / Open Singles Handicap Events • Team Tournaments
The National Bowling Association announces that Aloma Bowling Centers have the largest youth bowling program in the country!
National Bowling Association
April 2021

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