We’ve partnered with the Make-A-Wish foundation to grant wishes of children in the Central and Northern Florida area. Our goal is to help make wishes come true and bring smiles to those in need! We’re so honored to be working with Make-A-Wish and supporting their mission, a cause near a dear to the Aloma family as several family members were past beneficiaries. Help us continue to grant wishes by participating in our festivities or donating today. 

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We’re making wishes come true! We’re honored to have granted a wish like these … and it’s only just the beginning!


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Rebekah, 11

When Make-A-Wish wish granters visited Rebekah’s home, she wished to have a toy poodle puppy. She had wanted a toy poodle puppy for a long time and Make-A-Wish was able to provide her with the joy of a puppy!

The happiness provided by the puppy has carried Rebekah through some hard times with cystic fibrosis. 

Jonathan, 12

When Johnathon was diagnosed with cancer, his family knew that Johnathon was going to experience hardships that no child should have to face. Johnathon has a cancer known as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is a cancer of the immune system that develops from abnormal B-cells. 

It is a rare form of cancer and can last for an individual’s entire lifetime. Make-A-Wish heard about Johnathon’s story and wanted to help bring him a sense of hope, joy, and transformation!

olivia, 7

Olivia informed her wish granters how much she enjoys playing with dolls and using her imagination. She had always imagined having a place of her own, where she could use her imagination and could be home to her favorite toys.

Olivia decided that her wish of a lifetime that would bring her the most amount of joy would be to have a playhouse. 

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