You might wonder why you are required to rent bowling shoes (if you do not have your own) when you come to our venue. It might seem like it’s just to improve your bowling performance, and if you’re just out to have fun, that might not seem like it’s worth it.

Bowling shoes

But even though having the right shoes can help you bowl a better game, the real reason you should always wear them is for your own safety.

According to, the approach, the part of the lane you walk on prior to releasing your ball, needs to be flat, slick and completely free of debris for maximum performance. Having everyone wear bowling shoes helps minimize wear on the approach, but more than that, it helps avoid accidents and danger for bowlers.

Walking around outside, your ordinary shoes might pick up debris, like gum or trash. Any debris that gets onto the approach can cause you — or someone bowling after you — to slip or stick on the approach. A person’s shoe sticking or slipping on the floor can cause them to fall as they are trying to throw the bowling ball.

Bowling shoes, however, are never worn outside, and they are kept as clean as possible. When everyone wears them, it decreases the chance that something will happen to the approach and that someone will get hurt.

The fact that shoes can help you bowl a better game — and look cool doing it — is just an added bonus.