Boardwalk Bowl’s arcade has over 100 games for guests of all ages to enjoy!

Into racing games? Race your friends on Out Run 2SP or Need for Speed. Love Sports? Shoot some hoops or try out 4-person air hockey. Ride a roller coaster on Mad Wave or dance to music on Pump Pro 2. Check out our new game, Super Trivia, or the popular Deal or No Deal, Guitar Hero or Technika. Have a little one in your family? Check out Whac-a-Mole, Dog Pounder, Beebee Bopping, & Frog Song.

At our arcade, you no longer have to worry about carrying around tokens and tickets. Our arcade card can be purchased at any arcade kiosk. Any tickets won will go directly on your card. When you’re ready to leave, bring your card by the ticket redemption counter and select a prize. The best part is, your arcade card is reusable, so you can add money to it or save your tickets to use for future visits, and win bigger prizes!