Stars, they’re just like us! And just like us, many celebrities share our love for the sport of bowling. When they’re in need of a break from their hectic schedules and want to have a great time, these celebrities find a lane and bowl:

  • John Burkett — It shouldn’t be a surprise that someone with an arm like former major league pitcher John Burkett can bowl a strike without thinking too much about it. His passion for bowling began when he started working at his first job, Wedgewood Lanes, in his hometown of Beaver, Pa. (Source: Storm Bowling). A member of the United States Bowling Congress since 1988, Burkett was also once ranked the No. 1 celebrity bowler by US Bowler (Source: Bowling Digital).

    Celebrities image
    Both Dwight Howard and Jerome Bettis are reportedly avid bowlers.
  • Dwight Howard — Jump shots aren’t the only thing professional basketball player Dwight Howard can make. According to US Bowler, Howard also claimed a 185 average and a high game of 244. He owns several balls as well, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he says he bowls every chance he gets (Source: Bowling Digital).
  • Jerome Bettis: If former National Football League running back and Super Bowl winner Jerome “The Bus” Bettis continues to bowl like he used to play football, bowling might have a new star. US Bowler reported that at one point, he had a 200 average and one perfect game under his belt, with no intention of slowing down any time soon. One of his many accomplishments is being inducted into the Celebrity Wing of the Bowling Hall of Fame in 2006 (Source: Bowling Digital).
  • Nelly: His rap game isn’t a joke, and neither are hip-hop star Nelly’s bowling skills. He has reportedly posted high scores in celebrity bowling tournaments and is said to own a custom Gateway Arch bowling ball (Source: Go Bowling). It seems he can roll it down the lane like he rolls rhymes off his tongue.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who have busy schedules, so if you’re in need of a break of your own and want to enjoy playing the fun sport, come visit us!