If you don’t have great bowling form, you’re likely to have a bad game. Proper form can make the difference between a serious bowler and a casual one, according to GoBowling.com. Here are some tips to keep in mind for improving your form on the lanes.

bowling form


Good form is free flowing. Holding the ball too tightly and being too stiff will make your game unpredictable. Control your breathing and motions, relax, and let the ball roll.

Notice your Posture

Maintaining an upright, square posture is important for your swing. Too much slumping can lead your ball astray. Keep your shoulders upright as you approach the lane.

Maintain tempo

Making consistent strides and keeping the same tempo is a key element of good form. Maintain a steady pace for positive results.


Balance is one of the basics when it comes to bowling. Your body should keep balance from one point to another to be able to focus on your release point.