Bowling is a sport that can be enjoyed at all ages. The games don’t require much effort, the rules and concepts are easy to grasp, and the fun-filled environment is perfect for families looking to have a good time. According to, children can also learn a handful of skills while bowling, such as sportsmanship, the importance of patience and taking turns, hand-eye coordination, and even self-confidence. Teaching kids to bowl blogThat being said, it can be difficult for even adults to find the best techniques to bowl successfully. These tips by can help you and your children have fun bowling with the entire family just in time for Father’s Day!

Explain the rules of bowling to your children

Talk to them about how to get a strike and a spare. Make sure to point out they get two tries to knock down all ten pins and even if they only knock down a few, they still get a point for each pin they knock down.

Select the lighter bowling balls for children

Children’s bowling balls range from 6 lbs. to 10 lbs.

Put in a request for bumpers

Having bumpers on the lanes can help your children practice without having to worry about the ball falling in the gutters. The bumpers will help them hit a pin every time and will encourage them to keep practicing.

Point out the arrows

Teach children about the arrows near the foul line. The arrows can help your children aim at the pins with accuracy. Aiming accurately comes with time, when the children are ready to play competitively.

Teach them how to throw

It might be easier for younger children to throw the ball by holding it with both hands, bending their knees and letting the ball roll. Older children might prefer to start proper form, which is to clench the ball with the dominant hand with the other hand on top of the ball and to swiftly throw the ball with the dominant hand onto the lane.

Teaching your kids these tips can make them more eager to practice their bowling skills and enjoy family time while bowling.  Aloma Bowling Centers will be offering two free games of bowling for kids ages 15 and younger, all summer long. This deal will be a great way for parents to help kids practice bowling and have fun during the summer. For more details, click the Free Bowling for Kids tab on our home page.